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Mr. T Gets Invited to the White House

In 1983 Mr. T was invited to the White House by then First Lady, Nancy Reagan for a Christmas event.

Why? Well in addition to being a big TV and movie star, Mr. T was also an anti-drugs advocate and around that time Mrs Reagan hadn’t long launched her “Just Say No (to drugs)” campaign.

Mr. T (real name Lawrence Tureaud) rocked up to the White House wearing a sleeveless Santa suit and entertained guests while the first lady gave reporters a tour of the Christmas decorations.

In a 2008 interview Mr. T described the invitation as the most “surprising” thing to ever happen to him.

He said:

“When I got invited to the White House to meet Ronald Reagan in 1983. Nancy Reagan was campaigning to get kids to say no to drugs, and they heard about me going round schools telling kids to stay away from drugs. It was a real honour for a black kid from the ghetto who grew up on welfare.”

What an absolute hero! 💪

I pity the fool that doesn’t like this picture! 👊


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