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The Ugly Truth (2009)

So many times in the past I’ve been closed minded to watching certain films, but as previously mentioned Mrs Screen Room Movie Podcast seems to have a way of choosing movies that turn out to be highly enjoyable despite my frequent protests.

You probably all know by now that I’m a bit of a sucker for a good romcom, and this is one that I watched (reluctantly) a few years ago and ended up really enjoying.

Well, I watched it again last night and enjoyed it just as much as all the previous times.

The Ugly Truth (2009)

If you haven’t seen it, it stars Katherine Heigl (27 Dresses), Gerard Butler (Olympus Has Fallen), John Michael Higgins (Pitch Perfect) and Nick Searcy (Cast Away) among others.

This is what it’s about according to the internet:

Abby Richter (Heigl) is a lovelorn TV producer who, despite a long and arduous search for the perfect mate, is hopelessly single. The battle of the sexes heats up when her employers team her up with Mike Chadway (Butler), an opinionated TV celebrity who plans to put Abby through the wringer to prove his own theories about what makes men and women tick.

I really like this movie!

Despite the fact that romcoms are often aimed at women (hence the term “chick-flick”) this is very much a man’s romcom.

Watching it last night though I couldn’t help thinking it wouldn’t get made today. The theme of the film and Gerard Butler’s character, Mike Chadway’s outspoken opinions of women and their expectations of men and relationships (as accurate as they are) would upset a lot of easily offended people in this very sensitive time we currently find ourselves living in. 😵

That said, and not being of the easily offended “snowflake” generation, I love it!

The chemistry between Heigle and Butler is electric which makes the whole thing that much more believable. Add to that the hilarious scene where Heigle’s character inadvertently wears vibrating underwear (bought by Mike) to a corporate dinner and you’ve got a highly entertaining, funny, yet slightly unorthodox comedy/love story.

Sure it’s got it’s corny and staple romcom moments, but with this one there’s more comedy than “mush” which should make it appealing to men of a certain macho disposition.

If you like comedy, romance and the reality of the fundamentals of a male/female relationship you should give this one a watch. It never ceases to make me chuckle.

Seen it? What do you think?

Let me know below.👇

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