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The Sure Thing (1985)

As mentioned yesterday I’m going to be doing a daily post of some of my favourite romcoms on the lead up to Valentine’s Day. I'm calling it The Valentine's Day Movie Countdown

Today’s movie is not only one of my favourite romcoms, it’s one of my favourite films all together.

The Sure Thing (1985)

It’s directed by Rob Reiner (Stand by Me, When Harry Met Sally) and stars John Cusack (Con Air), Daphne Zuniga (Spaceballs), Anthony Edwards (Top Gun) and Tim Robbins (The Shawshank Redemption) among others.

This is what it’s about:

Walter Gib (Cusack) is a college freshman who keeps striking out with the girls on his campus. When his friend sends him a photo of a beautiful bikini-clad woman who he assures Gib is a “sure thing”, he decides to carpool all the way to the West Coast to meet her. Unfortunately, one of the other passengers on the trip is Alison (Zuniga), an attractive but up tight girl who rejected Gib once before.

The journey turns into a nightmare when their bickering gets them ejected from the car and they’re forced to hitchhike together to their respective destinations.

John Cusack made some iconic films in the 80s and whereas the likes of Better off Dead (1985) and Say Anything (1989) get mentioned a lot, this one sadly never does.

It’s such a great movie! The characters are relatable, some of the scenarios they find themselves in are really funny, and the slow burning chemistry between the two is so believable that it’s hard not to buy into the love story.

I’ve seen this movie a gazillion times and I never get tired of it! 👌

If you’ve seen it, let me know. If you haven’t give it a watch. 👍

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