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Shamook: Star Wars Effects Company ILM Hires Mandalorian Deepfaker

Wow! What a result! One minute you’re making YouTube videos, the next, one of the biggest special effects companies in the world is offering you a job. There’s hope for us all (Empire Magazine, I’m waiting for your email...) 😬

On the subject of the whole deepfake/de-aging thing, I talked about this in my Tron Legacy post recently. As good as it is (and it is impressive), I always find there’s something inhuman about the face. The mouth never seems to look natural when the character’s speaking and the eyes often look lifeless. 😵

Still, with limits constantly being pushed, it makes you wonder how things will improve over the next few years. Maybe it’ll get to a point where we literally won’t be able to tell who’s the actor and who’s the CGI character...😳

P.S. How good was that end scene in the Mandalorian! 🙌

Read the BBC News article here.

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