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Star Wars: The Mandalorian vs The New Trilogy

Happy New Year!

This week I finally binge-watched season 2 of The Mandalorian and I absolutely loved it! It’s awesome!

I loved the first season and I’d heard a lot of people saying how good the second was. Amazingly I somehow managed to avoid all but a couple of minor spoilers (thanks god!)

By the way this is kind of a rant post. You see I can’t understand how the same studio that’s responsible for The Mandalorian, put out the latest (and terrible) Star Wars trilogy!

Don’t get me wrong, I kind of enjoyed each of the new films on the first watch, but after having a bit of time to digest them I realised how bad they actually are (with the exception of The Force Awakens which was ok I guess).

From a story that they clearly made up as they went along, characters that had absolutely no development over the course of three films, plot points that weren’t paid off and just a general disregard for the fan’s love of the franchise, the new trilogy will, to a lot of us, be one of those movie mistakes that we wish could be erased.

The Mandalorian on the other hand seems to have nailed it!

It’s got the Star Wars “feel”, the characters are great, it’s full of little Star Wars gems and nods to the other movies and expanded universe that don’t feel forced (no pun intended) unlike the new films. It’s also managed to make us care more for a guy who’s face we’ve only seen twice and a little green puppet, than we ever did about any of the characters in the latest trilogy!

It makes me so mad that they messed it up so bad!

The Mandalorian I’m sure has a lot of fans thinking, “If only Jon Favreau (the show’s creator) had been given the new trilogy!”

I’d like to think that unlike J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson (writers and directors of the latest films), he’d at least of had a beginning, a middle and an end in place before starting filming...😳

Some will say, “yeah but Favreau has the advantage of multiple episodes to tell his story over” and that’s a fair point. That’s not even it though. Characters that only show up for one or two episodes have more depth than ANY of the characters in the latest films.

The show has also been handled with a lot of respect for the franchise and the fan’s love of it. That, and good storytelling are the two biggest differences between the two Star Wars offerings - in my opinion at least...

What do you think?

Comment your thoughts below but PLEASE, NO SPOILERS! 👍


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