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Prince, Wearing Roller Skates and a Batman Vest

Holy roller skates Batman!!

This picture of Prince rocking a Batman vest and roller skates (not to mention the rest of the outfit) was taken in 1989 by a photographer called Jeff Katz.

Katz said on his Twitter account:

Prince literally rolled up to me on his home Tennis court and said: “Let’s shoot some action shots!” At first - I didn’t think he could pull this outfit off!

But as usual - he did - with poise, grace, and humor!!”

Prince, of course not only starred in Purple Rain (1984) but also wrote and recorded the soundtrack to Tim Burton’s brilliant Batman (1989). I remember getting that album for Christmas one year when it was actually the score soundtrack by Danny Elfman I wanted. I never said anything to my parents and it turned out to be a fortunate accident.

What a legend he was!


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