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You Can Have Your Very Own Batcave Cinema (If You’re a Millionaire)

Ever fancied having your own Batcave cinema room?

If the answer is yes and you just happen to have a couple of million quid lying around, the guys at Elite Home Theater Seating can make it happen.

These images, as good as they are unfortunately aren’t real, but they very well could be...

Back in 2012 the company knocked these computer generated concept designs up for a client in California who fully intended on making this idea a reality.

“The Dark Knight Theatre” covers an area of 12,000 square feet, features a full size Batmobile (which one though?) hidden behind a giant sliding bookcase, a 30 foot mock tunnel exit and a 180 inch movie screen!

That’s not all!

It has a fireplace, a life-size Batsuit, 15 reclining chairs designed to mimic those in the Batmobile itself and it’s own butler....ok I made that one up.

Whether or not the client went the distance with it all I can’t tell you but I love to think that someone somewhere has this amazing room under their house.

“Robin, to the Dark Knight Theatre!”

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