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Nobody (2021)

Earlier this year I watched a film that I have a vague recollection of enjoying. Unfortunately I’d consumed a substantial amount of alcohol upon pressing play on my remote so my memory of the movie is somewhat hazy. Ever since, I’ve been meaning to re-watch it and I finally did at the weekend.

Nobody (2021)

If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s an action/crime/thriller from the writer of John Wick that stars Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad), Connie Nielsen (Gladiator), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) and Michael Ironside (Total Recall) among others.

This is what it’s about according to IMDb:

A mild-mannered family man with a hidden past goes on the warpath after his house is invaded by would-be thieves. In his quest to find the culprits and retrieve a valuable item stolen during the robbery he finds himself on a cross town bus helping a woman being harassed by a group of men and soon becomes the target of a vengeful drug lord.

I love revenge thrillers! They’re one of my favourite kind of movies. The whole “good guy vs bad guy” or underdog prevails idea rarely fails to scratch the itch.

A psychologist might attribute my obsession with this type of film to a couple of incidents that occurred during my youth. Ever since, I think I’ve craved retribution and some confirmation that I could handle myself in a specific situation.

This movie is about a guy who’s used to being pushed around, saying enough’s enough and pushing back.

Bob Odenkirk is excellent in this movie! Previously I’d only seen him in Breaking Bad and he was one of the best characters in that. I never thought I’d be seeing him in the lead role in a movie like this but he smashes it!

It’s got a similar premise to John Wick which is fairly unsurprising when you consider it’s from the same writer. However, there are no puppies in this film and it focusses on an older character with a shady past who’s now a downtrodden family man.

What I love about this movie, or at least the main character, is that he’s relatable. He’s succumbed to a life of normalcy yet he knows he’s capable of so much more.

When the violence starts it’s handled brilliantly and the fact that he’s been out of the “business” for a while is taken into account. He’s sloppy at first and takes a good few beatings before finding his stride. It’s refreshing to see that in a film like this.

Christopher Lloyd who plays Odenkirk’s dad is also great and provides a few chuckles towards the end of the movie.

If you’re fan of films like John Wick, Taken, and The Equilizer you’ll definitely enjoy this film!

Seen it? Let me know what you think.

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