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Payback (1999)

A great movie I never really hear anyone talk about is Payback (1999) starring Mel Gibson.

If you haven’t seen it, Mel Gibson plays a crook named Porter, who after a successful heist is double crossed by his friend and partner Val (Gregg Henry) who shoots him, leaves him for dead, steals his wife AND his share of the loot.

Once he recovers, Porter is out for revenge and he wants his share of the money.

Also starring Kris Kristofferson (Blade), Lucy Liu (Kill Bill), Maria Bello (A History if Violence) and Bill Duke (Predator), Payback is actually a remake of Point Blank (1967) starring Lee Marvin.

I went to see this film at Cheltenham cinema all those years ago and still love it today. It’s a real gritty, revenge thriller and a highly enjoyable watch!

“I forgot my cigarettes”


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