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Horror Movies: Have We Become De-Sensitised or Are They Being Watered Down?

One of my favourite movie genres is horror.

I used to watch horror films a lot growing up and remember being terrified!

I remember the first time I watched films like The Evil Dead (1981), Halloween (1978) and A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). They left me psychologically scarred!

These days though, it’s very rare I watch one that has an effect on me more than the odd jump scare (and that’s just lazy).

Is it that I’m getting older? Is it that we as movie watchers have become de-sensitised over years of watching young virgins and people making poor choices being hacked to death by masked psychopaths? Or is it that films in general are being watered down to sell more tickets at the box office?

What do you think?

Comment the scariest horror film you’ve seen and your thoughts below. 👇

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