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Explained: How to Use the Three Seashells from Demolition Man

If you saw my post yesterday about the three seashells (Demolition Man) you'll no doubt have your own theory on how they should be used.

As it happens one of the writers of the movie, Daniel Waters never actually intended for there to be an explanation and liked the ambiguity of it all. In fact, he got the idea from another writer friend whom he rang to ask for a futuristic solution to toilet-related shenanigans.

The guy he rang happened to be sat on the toilet at the time and looked around his bathroom. He told Waters that he’d got a bag of seashells in there as a decoration to which Waters replied, “Ok, I’ll make something out of that”.

Sylvester Stallone has since offered his own thoughts on how they’re used, and I guess that’s what this image is based on…

What do you think?


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