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Rocky’s Turtles, "Kuff and Link" are Still Swimming and Appearing in Movies

Remember the turtles that Rocky buys from the pet shop Adrien works at in Rocky (1976)? Well they’re still alive and are now about 46 years old!

Some posts are reporting that Sylvester Stallone has kept them as his pets this whole time, but in actual fact they’ve been very well cared for all these years by a guy called Joseph Marks.

Joseph owned the pet store they were dropped off at when filming wrapped on the iconic movie way back in December 1975. Although the store sadly closed, he held on to the two female red-eared sliders named Cuff and Link and has been looking after them ever since. They were just five years old when they made their film debut.

Sylvester Stallone with Turtles

Sly posted this picture on his Instagram a few years ago when he was reunited with the turtles during the filming of Creed II (2018). They’ve also appeared in Rocky II (1979) and Rocky Balboa (2006).

Apparently this breed of turtle lives about 50 years if looked after well. They’re obviously in good hands.

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