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Adam Scott Finally Gets his Childhood Wish and Meets Luke Skywalker

If you’re tired of all the negative content on social media and the internet and haven’t seen this video, just STOP for a minute and give it a watch.

While appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show (hosted by Kristen Bell) a few years back, actor and Star Wars super fan Adam Scott (Step Brothers, Parks and Recreation) shared the heart melting story of how, when he was a child he wrote a letter to Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) inviting him to his birthday party. Sadly (but unsurprisingly) Hamill didn’t show. However, in a “better late than never” turn of events his dreams were about to come true…

This is such a great moment! You can visibly see Adam shaking with excitement. Mark Hamill is a legend!

We need more of this kind of thing in the world.


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