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Aaaallrighty Then! Ace Ventura 3 Confirmed but No Jim Carrey Yet

I read yesterday that Ace Ventura 3 is in production.

As with most sequels coming years after the previous instalment, I’m both worried and excited.

I’ve always said I wouldn’t want a third movie - partly because Jim Carrey’s so much older now and also because a sequel made so long after the previous film would no doubt suck like they nearly always do (Dumb and Dumber To)...😵

BUT Carrey was back on form as Dr. Robotnik in last year’s Sonic the Hedgehog and dare I say, even had an air of Ace Ventura to his performance...

I think he could still pull it off...🤔

Don’t get excited yet though, as sure as I am that he’ll return for the sequel, no cast members (including Jim Carrey) have been confirmed as of yet.

Read everything that’s known about the upcoming sequel on Screen Rant‘s website here.

How do you feel about this news?

Let me know below.👇

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