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Wait, What?! Steven Seagal is a Musician..?!

Steven Seagal album

Ok, so am I the only one who didn’t know 80s/90s action movie star Steven Seagal was a “musician”?

Not only does he play guitar and own an extensive collection of over 300 of them, it turns out he’s released not one but TWO studio albums!

His debut album "Songs from the Crystal Cave" was released in 2005 and is described as “outsider country-meets-world music-meets-Akido” (whatever the hell that means).

It features “classics” like “Music”, “Lollipop”, “Dance”, and the reggae banger, “Strut”, where Seagal can be heard singing the line “Me wan da punani” in a Jamaican accent.

Sensing that one album wasn’t enough to appease our appetites he selflessly followed up this musical gem with album number two, "Mojo Priest" in 2006.

Amazingly, Stevie Wonder even features on his first album, but it’s been said that this perhaps marks “the downtrodden career of Wonder more so than the up-sloping career of Seagal.”

The “Aikido master” who’s songs have appeared in several of his movies once said in an interview, “I collect guitars because I’m a serious player and I’ve been playing since I was a child. And I love guitar and I play all kinds of different music.”

Nicely put Steve.

If you’re extremely lucky you can occasionally catch the Under Siege star when he tours with his band, “Thunderbox”.

Think I’m winding you up? See for yourself.


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