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Twin Films: The Descent vs The Cave

This week’s Twin Films discussion (the phenomenon when two movies with virtually identical storylines are released the same year) is about:

The Descent (2005) and The Cave (2005).

Although both these movies were released the same year, The Descent wasn’t released in America until a year later (probably due to the similar nature of the storylines).

For all their differences (and there are some significant ones) both films are essentially about a caving expedition gone wrong with (as if that’s not bad enough) bloodthirsty humanoid creatures lurking in the darkness waiting to pick off the unsuspecting characters.

One is a British film with an all female cast made on a tiny budget, the other is an American production with a larger budget and higher box office takings.

BUT, does a bigger bag of cash make a better movie?

Have your say in the comments.


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