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The Wedding Singer (1998)

Well it’s Valentine’s Day which means this is my last Valentine's Day Movie Countdown post and I saved my favourite for last.

The Wedding Singer (1998)

I absolutely love this film!

I’m a big Adam Sandler fan anyway but this one is brilliant!

If you haven’t seen it, it stars Adam Sandler (50 First Dates), Drew Barrymore (also 50 First Dates), Christine Taylor (Dodgeball) and Matthew Glave (Argo) among many others (look out for supporting roles from Steve Buscemi and John Lovitz and a cameo from Billy Idol).

This is what it’s about:

It’s 1985 and Robbie Hart (Sandler) is a popular wedding singer who’s heart is broken after his fiancée leaves him at the altar on their wedding day.

Depressed and feeling like all hope is lost he meets a young woman named Julia (Barrymore) who’s about to get married to a cheating scumbag. When she asks Robbie to help plan her wedding, feelings start to develop and Robbie must decide whether to make a move or lose her forever.

I know I go on a lot about chemistry but I’ve seen a lot of romantic comedies and sometimes I just don’t believe the love story between the two characters. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have tonnes of chemistry in this film and as a result you totally buy into the story. I’m guessing they must get on well in real life too coz they’ve made a few films together now.

This is yet another movie with a great soundtrack. It’s full of 80s hits from bands like The Police and Culture Club as well as artist like David Bowie and Billy Idol. There’s also a couple of songs from Adam Sandler that his character performs in the film. 👌

If you like a good romcom and you haven’t seen this one, give it a watch. You won’t regret it I promise! 👍

Seen it? Let me know what you think.

Also, what’s your all time favourite romantic movie? ♥️🤔

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