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The Reef (2010)

After my shark movie/The Shallows post yesterday and the conversations I had with some of you in the comments (on Facebook), I felt the need to point the rest of you shark movie lovers in the direction of another good shark film.

The Reef (2010)

The Reef is an Australian film that tells the story of a group of friends who’s yacht capsizes on a reef while sailing from Australia to Indonesia.

All but one of them decide to try and swim to a nearby island but soon find themselves stalked by a Great White shark.

Forget about your big Hollywood shark blockbusters, this was made on a modest budget of $3.8 million and only has a very small cast but it really delivers!

One of the best things about it is that all of the shark footage (with the exception of a couple of scenes) is real and the scene where you see the shark for the first time is way scarier because of this.

The movie also really gets across the horror and desperation of being totally at the mercy of an apex predator and the psychological effects that come with it.

I will just say this, I’ve recommended The Reef to a few people in the past and some of them came back saying they didn’t think it was all that.

Personally it’s one of my favourite shark movies but I guess it depends what you’re looking for in a film.

Either way, I suggest you give it a watch and make up your own mind. 👍

Click the link below to watch the scene where the shark shows up for the first time. It’s pretty tense! 👇🦈


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