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Host (2020)

A week ago a friend of mine messaged me to ask if I’d seen this new horror film that’s been causing a bit of a buzz.

His message read:

I've got a horror for you to watch and it’s only 57 minutes long 😱”

Someone also mentioned it in the comments of one of my posts on Facebook a couple of weeks before that.

The film is called Host (2020), it is indeed only 57 minutes long and I watched it last night.

I love horror movies but I’ll admit I’m a bit of a wuss. Sometimes when a scene is building up to a scare I’ll either be looking through my fingers while squinting, or squinting while covering my ears and making noises to distract me from the heart attack I’m about to have.

This film had plenty of those moments!

The whole film is a Zoom chat between a group of friends during lockdown who invite a medium (one of the girl’s friends) to lead them in a séance.

It all seems pretty uneventful until one of the friends does something that may or may not result in them summoning a demonic spirit.

The rest of the film is a tension filled, gut churning, “squinty eye” experience that I fully recommend if you like “found footage” type horrors like The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity and REC.

Sure you’ll have seen much of what happens in this film before in some of those other movies, but Host does a great job of building the tension and coming across so real that you can’t help but get drawn in and fall for all the scares you already know are coming!

Host is available on Shudder and Amazon Prime via a 7-day free trial of Shudder (£4.99 after free trial).

Here's the trailer.👇

Seen it? What did you think? 🤔


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