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Holidate (2020)

I can be a bit stubborn sometimes when it comes to films.

Unless I’ve heard of it, recognise one or more of the actors or it looks good straight away I tend to be a bit dismissive. That’s where my fiancée comes in.

She’s got a knack of talking me into watching movies I’d otherwise avoid and as a result I’ve seen some really good films.

This happened last week when she told me about a romantic comedy she’d watched on Netflix while I was at work.

Holidate (2020)

I’m totally upfront about my love for romcoms. I guess I’m a bit of a softy at heart and a film has to be super slushy for me not to get even the slightest warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

This one’s pretty funny, a little unconventional and “warm and fuzzy feeling“ inducing.

If you haven’t seen it it stars Emma Roberts (We’re the Millers) and Luke Bracey (The November Man) as a couple of unlucky in love characters who, after a chance encounter in a shopping mall just after Christmas, make a deal to be each other’s dates for holiday get-togethers (New Years, Valentines Day, Easter etc). No sex and no strings attached, just companionship so as to avoid the pressures of people asking why they’re alone at said holiday.

I wasn’t totally sure about this movie for the first ten minutes (probably just my stubbornness), but as it went on I found myself warming to the characters and laughing out loud on more than a few occasions.

Mrs Screen Room Movie Podcast described it as a cross between Friends with Benefits (2011) and Man Up (2015) and that’s actually a pretty good description.

This isn’t the best romantic comedy you’ll ever see and sure it’s a tad predictable (aren’t they all?) but it’s definitely worth a watch. 👍

Seen it? What do you think? 🤔

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