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“Here’s Johnny” Bookend Scam..?

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed today when an advert for this “Here’s Johnny” (from The Shining) bookend came up.

It looks really cool but I smell a rat.

Not only is it cheap at £25.19 (on offer from £35.99), it’s one of those “paid promotion” posts and the website it’s on looks suspiciously similar to the one that scammed me with the floating Delorean a while back (see story here ).

Due to the dodginess of the post I haven’t included the link. I’d hate for any of you Screen Roomers to fall victim to an online scam, especially one I’d directed you to!

After a quick Google search the only other hit I got on this was on Etsy where it was once going for $223.90.

Anyway, other than the seeming illegitimacy of it all I thought it was pretty cool.👌

What do you think? Would you have one on your bookcase..? 🤔


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