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Film Fact #10: Scar Wars

Film Fact #10: Scar Wars

Ever wonder how Harrison Ford got that scar on his chin..?

This may be common knowledge to some, but for those of you who might’ve wondered but never thought to Google it, or simply noticed it but couldn’t really care less, read on…

The signature scar has drawn so much attention over the years that fictional explanations of it have even been written into a couple of Ford’s films over the years.

In Working Girl (1988) his character reportedly passed out and hit his chin on a toilet whilst getting his ear pierced, while in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) a young Indy accidentally slices his chin open with a whip while fending off an angry lion.

The actual truth is (as Harrison Ford himself puts it), “A real mundane way of earning it.”

Before he was famous, the Indiana Jones star was driving to work one morning (to a California department store) and veered off the road while fumbling for his seat belt, slamming into a telephone pole. He credits slamming his face into the steering wheel, followed by some “inept emergency surgery” with the now iconic chin decoration.

It certainly didn’t harm his career. If anything it just added to the rugged sex appeal that helps to make so many of his characters so popular.

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