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Currently Listening To: Moana - Original Soundtrack

Currently listening to this absolute masterpiece of a soundtrack whilst drinking more gin than I probably should at this hour…

This is easily one of my favourite soundtracks. In fact, I knew I was gonna enjoy Moana from the opening credits due to the amazing opening track “Tulou Tagaloa”, which from Samoan to English roughly translates to “Excuse/Pardon me, Men Fall” (that’s a very rough translation…).

The score by Mark Macina is brilliant but the songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda are some of the best I’ve heard in a Disney animated movie.

Although “You’re Welcome” (performed by Dwayne Johnson) emerged as the stand out song from this film, my personal favourite is “Shiny”, performed by Jemaine Clement. Clement (if you didn’t already know) played Boris The Animal in Men in Black 3 (my favourite of the series) and is also one half of the musical comedy duo, Flight of the Conchords.

If you haven’t seen Moana, what are you messing at?! Watch it immediately!

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