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Build it Yourself Terminator - No Problem!

So many times I’ll be watching TV and I’ll see one of those adverts for a movie magazine where each issue contains pieces to a figurine or vehicle that you build week by week.

I never go for them personally, although I was tempted by the Back to the Future one a while back where you could build your own Delorean! 👌

Screenroomer Kay Moore evidently does go for those magazines and by all accounts has the staying power to go the distance with it. 💪

Over 120 issues of the Terminator magazine Kay collected all the bits and pieces and with a little help from her husband, assembled this amazing 1:2 scale T-800. She also got a tasty little Terminator keyring thrown in for her efforts.

The T-800 is around 3 foot tall, made of metal and according to Kay “weighs a f**kin ton”. 😆

She sent me these pictures and I thought it was way too good not to share with you guys!

Nice one Kay (and hubby). 🙌


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