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Bruce Willis’s Daughter Tallulah Shares Update on Her Dad’s Condition

I’ve just been sat here reading about Bruce Willis and his family’s latest update on his health and I find it heartbreaking.

I’ve often thought how sad it’ll be when all the stars I’ve grown up watching will no longer be here, and Bruce Willis’ retirement from acting due to his frontotemporal dementia diagnosis is, in a way the beginning of that.

His daughter Tallulah shared these pictures of her and her dad on her Instagram earlier this year, and also recently appeared on the Drew Barrymore Show where she said her dad's "language skills are not there" but that he’s "still Bruce".

It’s so tragic when medical conditions cut people’s lives or plans short, whether that’s celebrities, or the likes of you and me. Michael J. Fox is another example of that.

I just hope that the attention Bruce’s condition is getting because of his celebrity status leads to more funding getting put into finding a cure. It’s a shame though that it takes for a big name to become the “poster boy” for an illness for it to get significant attention.

Regardless of all the doom and gloom it’s great to see that “Bruce” is still there, even if he’s not vocal and able to correct people when they say Die Hard is a Christmas movie (sorry, I felt the need to lighten the tone…I’m serious though, it’s not a Christmas movie).

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