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Bloodshot (2020)

After expressing no desire to watch it, last weekend my other half persuaded me to watch:

Bloodshot (2020)

It stars Vin Diesel, Guy Pearce and some other actors that I can’t even be bothered to tell you about.

It’s about a soldier (Diesel) who gets killed doing something or other and is brought back to life (for some reason) by Guy Pearce’s character who’s enhanced him using some kind of nanite technology.

If you think I sound somewhat unenthusiastic about this movie, you’d be right. It’s bad! Maybe not as bad as my recent watch Underwater (2020) staring Kristen Stewart but then, I don’t know...It’s tough - I think I’d have to flip a coin.

I’m not one of those die hard Vin Diesel fans who likes everything he does but I do like a few of his films (excluding all of the Fast and Furious movies after the first one).

I also really like Pitch Black (2000) and Riddick (2013). 👌

This film and the character is based on the Valiant Comics series of the same name. I have to wonder what fans of the comics are saying about this movie...😳

The sad thing is, Guy Pearce is pretty good in it. He’s actually a really good actor and very underrated in my opinion, unfortunately though he just doesn’t always choose the best films.

Closing comments: Watch it if you want but be warned, it’s rubbish. 😵

Seen it? What do you think? 🤔


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