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Blade Runner (1982)

Today’s sci-fi classic is one of my favourites and one a lot of you have voted for in the comments:

Blade Runner (1982)

This is undoubtably one of the best and most influential sci-fi movies of all time.

Directed by Ridley Scott (Alien, Gladiator) and starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer and Sean Young, Blade Runner is set in a dystopian future Los Angeles (2019), where synthetic humans known as replicants are bio engineered to work on off world colonies.

When a fugitive group of replicants led by Roy Batty (Hauer) escape back to Earth in search of their maker, retired “Blade Runner” Roy Deckard (Ford) must hunt them down and “retire” them.


The story is loosely based on the Novel, “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?” (1968) by Philip K. Dick.

Although this film is regarded as one of the best sci-fi movies of all time, it initially under performed at the box office making only $32.9 million compared to its $30 million budget.

It’s since become a cult classic, with a decent sequel, Blade Runner 2049 following in 2017, thirty five years after the original was released.

Fans have theorised for years that Harrison Ford’s character Deckard was actually a replicant himself. Director Ridley Scott has even weighed in on the debate saying that Deckard was indeed a replicant and that to this day Harrison Ford refuses to accept it.

What other sci-fi movies should feature..?

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