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Alan Rickman Explains why the Story of Robin Hood is Still so Enduring Today

For whatever reason, my Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves post from last week has gone mad with likes, shares and comments on Facebook.

It’s been great to see so much love for the film and I’ve had some lovely conversations with a lot of people in the comments. I’m now even contemplating giving the Russell Crowe movie a watch when I’d pretty much made my mind up not to bother.

Anyway, I just stumbled on this video of an interview with the brilliant and sorely missed Alan Rickman in which he’s asked why he thinks the legend of Robin Hood has endured for so many years. His answer just makes me love and miss him even more!

What he says about telling stories especially hit a chord with me, because I’m forever complaining that movies today seem to be about everything but the story.

RIP Alan.


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