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10 Reasons To Be Excited For National Treasure 3

Well done to the 9 of you who got today’s Film Quote Friday right on Facebook (was it really that hard..? 😳)

It was, as you correctly answered from the excellent National Treasure (2004).

I love this film! I also like the sequel but the original is the better movie. 👌

If you’re a fan of the franchise and have wondered if we might get a 3rd film at some point you might want to have a read of this article.

Two things that annoyed me about it though are:

1) The fact that these films are always compared to Indiana Jones.

I get it of course, the main characters are both treasure hunters, but they’re very different movies and it seems you can’t do anything these days without being compared to something else, regardless of whether that was the intention or not.

2) The fact that they say that the villains are boring.

Why does a villain need to be spectacular?! If their motivation and the film’s story is good enough the rest will fall into place.

Sean Bean as Ian Howe in the original and Ed Harris as Mitch Wilkinson in the sequel were more than interesting enough to keep me engaged over the two movies. Both had their reasons for going after the treasure and both were far more layered than a lot of villains we see in other movies.

Not every villain has to be an evil, power hungry psychopath! 😡

Anyway, have a read and get up to date on where the third film is currently at.👇 Screen Rant Article: 10 Reasons to be Excited for National Treasure 3

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