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Who’s Chopping Onions?!

I’m not a tough guy, I admit it.

I like soppy love songs and romcoms and dare I say I even get a little bit tearful now and then when watching a mushy scene in a film.

With this in mind, today I’m launching a new feature here on The Screen Room Movie Podcast:

“Who’s chopping onions?!”

Each week I’ll be posting a link to a scene from a movie that gets me swallowing hard, blinking ten times more than is natural and hoping my fiancée doesn’t turn and look at me until the intense urge to lose it has passed.

I’d also like to know what scenes turn you into a blubbering mess. I may even feature yours with a mention over the coming weeks (unless of course you’d prefer to keep your dignity). 😳

I’m kicking it off with this scene from The Sixth Sense (1999).


The onion chopping starts at 4:18...👇


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