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What Would You Like From a Movie Podcast?

Before I started the Facebook page and this website I had a podcast where I talked about random topics with friends of mine.

After a lack of engagement I decided to narrow my topic (on the suggestion of a wise friend) and make a podcast about something I’m passionate about: Movies!

I created the Facebook page with the intention of gaining an audience for the podcast and the response was so good that I got carried away with the posts and never ended up launching the podcast. 😵

It’s still something I’d really like to do but I’m interested in what you would like to hear me talk about.

The posts will keep coming but I’d love to expand things and get a bit more personal with you guys (maybe even get some of you on to chat about movie related topics).

As well as having guests on I’m planning on doing the odd short episode where I elaborate more on some of my posts from the week. It’s all just an idea at the moment though. 🤔

Let me know in the comments what you’d like to hear me talk about on the podcast. Your feedback will really help me narrow down what format to go for and speed up getting episode 1 on platforms so you can get listening.

Thanks. 👍

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