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Wayne, Shoot First! Greedo

Through certain circumstances a friend of mine happens to know the actor who played Greedo the bounty hunter in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977), Paul Blake.

Amazingly she messaged me one day to tell me she’d managed to get me a signed photo which on receipt of, I promptly framed and hung on the wall above my TV.

Greedo as you might know was originally shot and killed in cold blood by Han Solo in the original release of the movie. When the trilogy was re-released with all of the new bits added in 1997, audiences were surprised to find that the famous showdown scene had been changed. Instead of Han shooting first, Greedo now shot first, missed and was then shot and killed in “self defence” by Han. This sparked a huge debate among fans about “who shot first” (hence Paul’s personal message, “Wayne shoot first”).

I absolutely love this and will treasure it forever! 🙌

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