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Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones - Deep Fake Video Sends Fans Wild

Indiana Jones 5 has been in the works for years now and at one point looked like it could be a reboot. Chris Pratt was attached to the project all the way back when it was just an idea (according to IMDb at least) but many a great idea has been teased on IMDb only to fizzle out, never actually coming to fruition (the Thundercats movie, the Onimusha Warlords movie)...

It’s since been announced that the new Indie movie will definitely be a sequel with Harrison Ford reprising his role as the much loved, fedora wearing archeologist.

All of that though hasn't stopped YouTuber, Shamook from posting this deepfake video of Chris Pratt "replacing" Harrison Ford in some of our favourite scenes from the various Indiana Jones movies.

Pretty good isn't it...

But what if they did reboot it?

How would you feel about someone else stepping into Indie's shoes? 🤔

Have your say below. 👇


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