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The Fly (1986)

Continuing with the best sci-fi movies according to me and you guys in comments, today’s pick is the awesome 1980s classic:

The Fly (1986)

Jeff Goldblum stars as a brilliant but eccentric scientist, who after one of his experiments with a teleportation device goes wrong, blending his DNA with that of a fly, begins to transform into a terrifying man/fly hybrid creature.

This remake of the original 1958 classic starring Vincent Price, ramps up the gore and brings the story into the sci-fi horror genre for a much more adult audience.

It’s an absolute must for any sci-fi/horror film lover!


Before Jeff Goldblum was cast, several other actors were considered for the role of Seth Brundle, including John Malkovich, Mel Gibson, Richard Dreyfus and Michael Keaton. John Lithgow (Cliffhanger) was eventually offered the part but turned it down stating the story was “too grotesque”.

Surprisingly the film was secretly produced by the legendary Mel Brooks. He insisted his name not be included in the opening credits for fear that it wouldn’t be taken seriously if people knew of his involvement.

On release of the film Jeff Goldblum (a fan of the original 1958 version) wrote a letter to Vincent Price saying “I hope you like [our film] as much as I liked yours!” As touched as he was to receive the letter, Price wrote back saying that he thought the remake was “wonderful right up to a certain point… it went a little too far.”


Let me know in the comments which sci fi classic I should feature next.


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