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U.S. Marshalls: A Decent Sequel

One example of a sequel getting it right and then knowing when to call it a day is U.S. Marshalls (1998), the follow up to The Fugitive (1993).

Although The Fugitive is still the better film, I thought U.S. Marshalls was a solid follow up. It kept a lot of what was good about the first film while changing things up enough to avoid being just an exact reworking of the same storyline.

I love that the original actors who make up Sam Gerard’s team in The Fugitive returned for the sequel (including Joe Pantoliano who’s great in everything), but it’s Tommy Lee Jones who carries the film for me. Throw in Wesley Snipes and a pre-Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. (who apparently hated being in the movie) and you’ve got a good film that works whether you’ve seen the previous instalment or not.

No more sequels needed here. 👍

Have you seen U.S. Marshalls? What did you think of it? 🤔


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