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Twin Films: Paul Blart: Mall Cop vs Observe and Report

It’s “Twin Films” time yet again (the phenomenon when two movies with virtually identical storylines are released the same year).

I’m worried that a lot of you may have only seen one of the movies we’re looking at this week, but here goes:

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) and Observe and Report (2009).

Once again both films came out the same year and both are about seemingly inept mall security guards dealing with some kind of criminal activity.

One film is a sort of comedy “Die Hard in a mall” where the security guard finds himself in the middle of a heist and is the only one who can rescue the hostages.

The other is a more adult and darker comedy about a security guard with aspirations of becoming a police officer who’s trying to apprehend a flasher in the mall.

One had a slightly bigger budget than the other and took way more at the box office but which is the better film?

Have your say in the comments.👇

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