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Twin Films: Finding Nemo vs Shark Tale

Today’s Twin Films discussion (the phenomenon when two movies with virtually identical storylines are released the same year) is about:

Finding Nemo (2003) and Shark Tale (2004).

Ok so these films didn’t come out the same year but they were only a year apart and are both animated marine based adventures.

One was made by Disney Pixar and is about a father (Clownfish) searching the ocean for his son who’s been captured and put in a dentist’s fish tank.

The other was made by DreamWorks Animation and is also about a fish (Bluestreak cleaner wrasse) who becomes a hero on his reef after everyone believes him to have killed a dangerous shark. He soon has the shark’s angry father after him looking for revenge.

Both are enjoyable animated movies and each had different budgets and box office takings. One also has bigger named actors providing the voices to the characters but which is the better movie?

Have your say below.


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