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Tremors (1990)

Last night I fancied an easy comfort watch so I poured a gin and tonic (don’t judge me) and put on an old favourite:

Tremors (1990)

For anyone who perhaps got abducted my aliens around 1990 and has only just been returned to Earth (and for those of you that just weren’t born), Tremors is a good old fashioned monster movie starring among others, Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward.

This is what it’s about:

Set in Perfection, Nevada, the film centres around two main characters, Val and Earle (Bacon and Ward). General handy men in a small desert town with aspirations of bigger and better things.

On finally deciding to leave town they happen on a series of shocking and mysterious occurrences which trap them and the remaining residents in Perfection Valley.

The two soon realise that underground creatures (“Graboids”) exist and are feeding on anything that makes the slightest sound underfoot.

Where did these creatures come from? Can they be killed? And will the residents of Perfection be able to escape with their lives?!

I LOVE this movie! It never gets old!

There are some films that just feel great to watch because they remind us of a simpler (dare I say) better time.


Tremors was only a modest hit at the box office but became a cult classic and a smashed the home video market! It was one of the most rented films of 1990 (remember video shops?).

It was also the very first film I programmed my VHS video recorder to record while I was out. It was a success!

What are your nostalgic go-to movies?

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