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Thoughts on the Latest Star Wars Trilogy

Since we’re talking Star Wars - the new trilogy...what do you think? Have you seen the latest instalment, The Rise of Skywalker (2019)?

I love Star Wars, particularly the originals, the prequels not so much (although Revenge of the Sith had its moments).

The latest trilogy had the potential to be great what with the actors from the original trilogy returning, but sadly it all turned into a bit of a disaster.

I feel like JJ Abrams set the first one (The Force Awakens) up nicely. Then Rian Johnson (writer and director of the second: The Last Jedi) came along and that’s when the problems started.

It‘s like Johnson hated everything about The Force Awakens so threw it all out and headed in a totally different direction. Disney obviously then realised the fans weren’t happy, thus forcing them (no pun intended) to pull out the big guns and bring Palpatine back in the third (The Rise of Skywalker) to regain favour.

Over all they’re not terrible films but I think they wasted the opportunity to make a great trilogy! Even Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) didn’t like what they did with his character in The Last Jedi (2017).

Did anyone else expect the lightsaber to land in Luke’s hand when Rey and Kylo Ren were force reaching for it at the end of The Force Awakens?

They missed a great moment there! 😵


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