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The Twelve Films of Christmas (Day 6): National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

It’s day six of my Twelve Films of Christmas and in 7th place is:

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989).

I found out this week that it’s since been renamed “National Lampoon’s Winter Holiday”. What the hell is that all about?!

Either way, I love this film!

I actually only really started to appreciate how good it is around five years ago but it’s since become a must-watch movie in my house at Christmas!

It’s just hilarious and has that old school Christmas movie feel that a lot of newer films don’t seem to have.

By the way, I found out a little bit of trivia last week while researching my Movie Villain Monday post (Harry & Marv from Home Alone). The only reason Chris Columbus was available to direct Home Alone (1990) is because he’d recently left the production of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation after clashing with the main star, Chevy Chase who apparently treated him “like dirt”.

I hate to think of Chevy Chase as an a-hole but if being one resulted in Home Alone being what it is, I’m glad he is.


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