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The Twelve Films of Christmas (Day 5): Fred Claus (2007)

It’s day five of my Twelve Films of Christmas countdown, and in 8th place is:

Fred Claus (2007)

From what I understand, this isn’t a very popular Christmas film but I love it! I watch it every year without fail and it makes me laugh (and gets me in the feels) every time.

Vince Vaughn is his usual fast talking funny self and Kevin Spacey is good as the film’s villainous “efficiency expert”. I also love the score by Christophe Beck!

I read a scathing review of this movie once and remember one bit where they said “none of the cast look like they want to be there” (or something to that effect). I totally disagree!

For me this film is a funny, heartwarming and highly enjoyable Christmas viewing experience.

What would be in 8th place on your list?


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