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The Twelve Films of Christmas (Day 12): Scrooged (1988)

Scrooged (1988) Christmas movie

Well here we are! Day twelve of my Twelve Films of Christmas and it’s gone by so fast!

The top spot was never in question. It’s my favourite Christmas movie of all time:

Scrooged (1988)

I love this film for so many reasons! It’s hilarious, it’s full of heart, it stars Bill Murray and it has that great 80s quality of good story telling over box office appeal (although apparently Murray has said his best bits didn’t make it into the movie).

Of all of the Christmas movies out there, this is the one that is truly “Christmas” for me. A large part of that is due to the final scene where Bill Murray talks to the audience through the camera and is transformed as a result of his experiences throughout the film (the bit where Calvin utters the icon line “God bless us everyone” breaks me every single time!)

There are so many quotable lines in this film and although I’ve seen it a hundred and one times, it still makes me laugh (and almost cry) every time I watch it.

Film Fact: Three of Bill Murray’s brothers are (or were) actors and all starred in this film. His older brother Brian Doyle-Murray plays his dad, his brother John plays his brother James and his youngest brother Joel plays a guest at James’s house party.

“What was the ship that brought them all to Gilligan’s island? The S.S. Minnow!”


What’s your favourite Christmas movie of all time?

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