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The Twelve Films of Christmas (Day 1): The Road to Christmas (2006)

And so it begins: The Twelve Films of Christmas!

In at number 12 is a TV movie called:

The Road to Christmas (2006)

My fiancée loves the channel Christmas 24 (Sky) almost as much as she loves Christmas itself!

From around the end of October it starts and if I’m honest, that’s a little early for me. My birthday is in November so I’m thinking about that way before I’m thinking about Christmas!

Either way, she loves it and it’s always on in our house, playing these cheesy, predictable (but strangely enjoyable) TV Christmas movies with actors who only seem to be in a load of other Christmas movies.

This one though is different. It stars a now almost unrecognisable Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) and Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson from the Marvel movies) and has something about it that just makes me look forward to watching it every Christmas.

The two were actually married when they made this film but sadly got divorced earlier this year.

Anyone else seen this one?


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