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The Pretender (2019)

Calling all Rocky fans!

Last week I received a message off the back of my Rocky post (scroll down a bit to see it) from someone asking if I’d seen a documentary film called The Pretender (2019).

It’s about a guy called Mike Kunda who’s life was changed forever at the age of 11 after seeing Rocky (1976) for the first time. Almost 40 years later Mike and his family struggle to identify where Rocky Balboa ends and Mike begins.

I watched it last night and it’s riveting!

I’ll admit at first I wasn’t sure what to think. I felt sorry for Mike. The film had literally become an obsession for him. By the end of the film though I felt differently.

As it turns out the guy who messaged me about the film is the film’s director. I only realised when I recognised his name on the end credits.

He was pleased to hear I’d enjoyed the film 👌

The Pretender is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime and even Sly himself has been endorsing it on his Instagram. 🥊

“Yo Adrian!”

Amazon Link below. 👇


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