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The Monster Squad (1987)

Who remembers The Monster Squad (1987)?

I used to watch this film all the time as a kid! It’s like The Lost Boys meets The Goonies.

I still watch it whenever I see it on TV (unfortunately that’s not very often these days).

If you haven’t seen it, this is what it’s about according to Google:

“Five youngsters find themselves up against the combined might of Dracula, the Mummy, the Gill Man and Frankenstein's Monster who arrive in town in search of a magic amulet.”

This is such an enjoyable movie and a real nostalgia watch for me. It even inspired me and some friends to start our own club called “The Supernatural Squad” back when I was a kid!


Co-written by Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Iron Man 3), The Monster Squad flopped at the box office and was pulled from cinemas after just two weeks. Fortunately though, like a lot of other much loved films it found popularity through video rentals and cable broadcasts.

Taken (2008) star Liam Neeson auditioned for the part of Dracula. He was relatively unknown at the time and apparently nailed his audition. The filmmakers were convinced they’d found their Dracula until Duncan Regehr walked in and “was not only as brilliant, but he was terrifying also” said producer Jonathan Zimbert. He won the part.

Twenty years later, Wizard magazine named Regehr the “greatest Dracula of all time” for his chilling performance in The Monster Squad.

Tragically, Brent Chalem who played “Chunk” died of pneumonia in 1997 aged just 22.

He’ll always be remembered for the iconic line, “Wolfman’s got nards!”

I might even put this on later. 👌

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