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The ‘Hellraiser’ Reboot Will Feature a Female Pinhead

I’ve never been a massive fan of the Hellraiser films so a reboot doesn’t upset me all that much. That said, the first one redefined the horror genre in a way and to this day could be described as a horror masterpiece.

It always surprises me that they remake “classics” rather than films that had the potential to be better, but that maybe weren’t done very well or suffered from a low budget or poor marketing.

Unfortunately, as much as some people see these remakes and reboots as a way of bringing a popular story to a new generation, call me cynical but what it’s really about is cashing in on an already established title. It makes total sense from a business point of view (the same with unnecessary sequels) but personally I think it’s killing the art of storytelling. ☹️

Read the full article here on Loudwire and let me know your thoughts...

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