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The Exorcist is Being Remade and Someone at NME Wrote an Article About it that Annoyed Me

In light of more upsetting news I learned last night (they’re remaking/rebooting The Exorcist), I went on a google search and found this infuriating article.

I can’t say I agree with Mr. Paul Bradshaw (writer of said article) on any of his points - especially about the remake of The Evil Dead being better than the original! How he got a job at NME with an outlook like this is beyond me. Controversy sells I guess.

The reason we don’t want remakes Paul is because they’re completely unnecessary and nearly always inferior - and believe it or not we’d actually prefer some NEW stories! Surely you’ve heard the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

Also, in the world we currently live in where an ever growing percentage of the population are seemingly offended by anything and everything, these remakes of our favourite films inevitably turn out to be watered down, over PC, family friendly versions of their already great originals!

This really annoyed me! 🤬

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