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The Edge (1997)

When it comes to movies I seem to have a weird obsession with a couple of themes. One is the whole apocalypse scenario (ideally zombie related but non-zombie related is also appealing) and the other is the idea of being isolated or stranded and having to survive under extreme conditions/circumstances.

With this in mind, one of my favourite films and one I rewatch at least once a year is the survival thriller:

The Edge (1997)

Starring among others, Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin, this is what it’s about:

When an intellectual billionaire’s plane goes down in the Alaskan Wilderness, he and a man he suspects is having an affair with his wife, must work together to survive the elements, all the while being stalked by a bloodthirsty Kodiak Bear.

This is a real comfort movie for me and one I never get tired of. It’s got thrills, suspense, action, tension and a man eating Bear, what’s not to like?!

If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend you dig it out and give it a watch while you’re on lockdown. 👍


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