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The Devil All the Time (2020)

I watched a film last night that’s been popping up on Netflix a lot. It’s also been recommended to me by a few people.

The Devil All the Time (2020)

It’s a crime/drama/thriller based on the novel by Donald Ray Pollock and it stars a load of well known actors including Bill Skarsgård (It), Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming) Haley Bennett (The Equalizer), Sebastian Stan (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), Jason Clarke (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) and Robert Pattinson (The Lighthouse).

Here’s what it’s about according to IMDb:

“Sinister characters converge around a young man devoted to protecting those he loves in a postwar backwoods town teeming with corruption and brutality.”

Unfortunately that synopsis is the best one I could find and it really doesn’t do the film justice. As much as I’d like to elaborate on it to make the movie sound more interesting and appealing, it’s hard to without writing a really long post that I doubt anyone would read.

Just take my word for it, it’s worth a watch. 👌

The movie starts off a bit slow and I wondered for a little while where the story was going, but once it all starts to unfold it turns out to be really good. It’s also clever how all of the characters cross paths in one way or another.

There are some great performances in there too, particularly from Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson who both show that there’s a lot more to them than the characters they’re most known for playing.

Side note:

I recognised the actor who pours spiders all over himself (that’ll make more sense when you watch it) so I had to look him up. It’s the guy who played Harry’s cousin, Dudley Dursley (Harry Melling) in the Harry Potter movies! He looks so different these days!

Anyway, it’s a decent watch and a good story. Give it a go. 👍

Seen it? What do you think? 🤔

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