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The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Today’s comfort movie is:

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

As much as I love movies there are some genres i’m drawn to more than others, likewise there are some that I tend to steer away from and have to force myself to watch.

A good ol’ disaster movie is usually a fairly safe bet for an easy and enjoyable watch. Yes, they tend to be very CGI orientated and there are definitely some good and bad examples out there, but for me this is one of the better ones.

It has a decent story, the special effects are pretty good, and it’s well cast starring among others, Dennis Quade and a young Jake Gyllenhaal.

This is much better in my opinion than Roland Emmerich’s later disaster instalment, 2012 (2009).

Have you seen it?

What’s your favourite disaster film? 🤔🌪☄️🌊


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